Sunday, 31 March 2013

#4. All Aboard For Ecstasyland

Written and produced by Matt Neal.
Recorded at my Mum and Dad’s house, Ballangeich.
Year: 1997-1999?

I’m not sure what to say about this song that differs from everything I said about Abstract Interference in blog #1. It’s from the same era, made the same way, and pretty much cut from the same cloth.

As previously mentioned, The Chemical Brothers was practically my sole electro influence at the time. I was infatuated with Dig Your OwnHole in a way no electronic album has ever been able to infatuate me since.

Listening back to that album, it’s obvious now that the beat at the start of this track is copied from the song It Doesn’t Matter. Sure, it’s a pretty common beat, but I reckon that’s what I was trying to replicate at the time. Coincidentally, that beat (the simple disco beat) is one of The 80 Aces' Jade McLaren’s two favourite beats, although I didn’t know that then as we weren’t friends (his other favourite beat will pop up in a future song, I’m sure).

The title tells me I was trying to make some kind of block-rockin’ rave tune. It may be totally obvious from the sound of the song that I’d a) never been to a rave before and b) never taken ecstasy before. This is just what I imagined it was like.

For some reason, it appears that at the time I also imagined raves often featured the organ bit commonly associated with baseball games… I’m pretty sure I put that bit in as a joke – it certainly cracks me up these days, hearing it more than a decade on.

As for the little fade-out at the end that comes blaring back in at full volume at the last second, I probably thought that was original at the time, but it’s also likely I subconsciously picked it up from the Paul McCartney & Wings track Let ‘Em In. Listen to the last 30 seconds and you’ll see what I mean.

(PS. I did eventually go to my first “rave” when I saw The Chemical Brothers at the Big Day Out in 2000 in the Boiler Room. Surprisingly it wasn’t that packed – everyone was off watching Red Hot Chili Peppers on the main stage. But I’m so glad I chose The Chemical Brothers over RHCP. It remains one of the coolest live music experiences I’ve ever had)

(PPS. Thinking a bit more about these electro tracks, there's a slim chance some of them were made in 2000 after having seen The Chemical Brothers live at 2000 Big Day Out. I don't know this for certain, and ultimately it's inconsequential, but, anyway, just saying....)

(PPPS. That photo attached to the Soundcloud file is the most "rave-like" pic of me I could find.)

Or this is my half-brother Chad from Chapel Street 
who doesn't get invited to family gatherings on account of him being a douchebag.

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