Tuesday, 21 May 2013

#11. Bin Night

Written and produced by Matt Neal.
Recorded at Holly Court, Warrnambool on May 14, 2007

Gonna be a pretty short blog this week cos I can’t really tell you much about this track. I know it’s called Bin Night because it was written on whatever night the bins were picked up. I do remember looking out the window of my studio at the time and seeing the rubbish truck going past as I was working on the track.

The memory of seeing the rubbish truck from my studio means it was most likely recorded in a studio I once had called Kellie’s Swamp, partly so-named because literally across the road was a huge swamp called Kellie’s Swamp, which runs from Warrnambool to Killarney. The Extreme Sprinklers’ first EP was partially recorded there, as well as quite a few radio play episodes from my days on 3WAY FM.

Here's myself and Jade McLaren (centre) with some fellow treasure-hunters, 
searching for buried treasure at Kellie's Swamp. PIC: Leanne Pickett.

Bin Night is part of a small collection of songs in which I tried to relive my electro days of the past. Unfortunately none of these tunes live up to my “former glories”, partly because I was using Fruity Loops instead of FastTracker II and I just couldn’t recapture the same “magic” for some reason.

Nothing against Fruity Loops – if you keep following this blog you’re going to hear it used heaps, predominantly for drum programming on recordings when I didn’t have access to a proper drum kit. It’s a really handy program, and easy to use.

Speaking of drumming, I’m guessing Bin Night was pretty much just an experiment in drum programming. It sounds like I was just testing out how to program drum rolls and fills and such (including one deliberately random fill around 1m07s intended as a little musical joke) and messing around with a 6/4 time signature (that is 6/4 right?).

Me, drumming badly. PIC: Glen Watson.

Interesting side fact: it was through drum programming that I taught myself how to play drums. I'm a terrible drummer, but I did play a few live gigs as one half of SS Radio, which was the nom de plume of talented singer-songwriter Dan Kirk

I promise I’ll be back next week with a proper song….

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