Monday, 10 March 2014

#37. Fives

Matt Neal: programming.
Written, produced, recorded and mixed by Matt Neal at ???? in 2007 or maybe earlier.

One evening, about 10 years ago, I heard an interview with a musician on Triple J and he was talking about how most dance/electro music was in 4/4 timing and how he’d deliberately set out to write a dance/electro song that wasn’t in 4/4 timing.

The end result was a really cool song. At this point in time, I can’t figure out what song it was. I had a feeling it was a song by Ross McLennan, formerly of Snout, perhaps from his album Songs From The Brittle Building. I contacted Ross through Facebook to see if he could figure what song it was I’d heard.

It's not this song, but Symphobia is awesome nonetheless.

He was nice enough to respond and said it sounded like something he would say, but was unsure of the song. Maybe it was We’re The Devil’s Own, he suggested, before thanking me for being “a bit obsessive and interested in music” and encouraging me to buy the album on eBay.

I still don’t know if this is the song cos I can’t find it anywhere. Oh well. The point is that interview made me think about trying to write something dancey in a time signature other than 4/4.

Fives is the result (so-called because it’s in 5/4). It was also inspired by a song 21st Century Ox drummer Harry Fahey did called Sevens (which was in 7/4), which was a very cool track he whipped up and we whacked on What Am I Going To Do With All These Portaloos? as one of the four secret tracks.

This album cover and title still makes me smile.

I don’t remember much else about Fives, but I do know that it has one of the coolest drum loops I’ve ever programmed. Pretty sure you can’t dance to it though. I think that means I failed. Also the song should be about a minute shorter. Onwards and upwards.

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